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As a child in his native Rosario - Argentina, Coco studied the Bandoneón first with his father and then with the prestigious maestro Julio Barboza, with whom he developed a very expressive strength, which allowed him to form good orchestral groups. Coco finished his musical studies at Cuyo National University, complementing this education by learning to play Oboe.

Coco has accompanied and recorded with notable artists such as Herb Alphert, Stanley Clark, Placido Domingo,  Alberto Cortez, Roberto Carlo, Armando Manzanero, Maurice Gainen, Huecco, Guillermo Bodarampe, Jacopierce, Miguel Mateos, Ana Gazzola, Carlos Cuevas, Valeria Linch, and  many others.

With Luis Miguel, he recorded “El Dia que me Quieras” and the tango “Uno” of notable success. He’s also participated with Gustavo Santaolalla in his production “Bajofondo Tango Club”.  He’s also played in several movies such as “21 grams”, “My Father the Hero”, “Batman Forever”, “Marlene”, “Veronica Clerk”, “Wing of Courage”, “Argentina Image”, “ Rosarigasinos” and many more. Coco composed the music for the short movies “ Sophia” and “ Everything that I am”.

Nowadays, Coco plays with Forever Tango, an ensemble that enjoys great success in all United States, especially Broadway, Las Vegas, and Reno.   It’s also very popular in Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, England, Italy, Taiwan and China. Coco has performed the famous Bandoneón Concerts by Astor Piazzolla with the San Diego Symphony; Presidential Symphonny Orchestra of Ankara, Turkey with Cem Duruoz ( Guitar) and Santa Barbara Symphony.

He’s recorded with The San Francisco Chamber Orchestra and New Century Chamber Orchestra, the Double Concert for Bandoneón and Guitar with David Tanenbaum. Coco’s performed at Disney Hall Theatre in June 2004’s concert of “Buenos Aires de mis Sueños” ( Buenos Aires of my dreams”)with 8 Cellos and Bandoneón by Raúl Garello.

He participated with Hiromi Uekusa in May 1997, in her production “Café 1930”, by Astor Piazzolla arrangement. In January 2005, he was invited and performed for the University of California, San Diego.In addition, he has performed “Maria de Buenos Aires”, Opera-Tango by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, invited by Third Angle New Music Ensemble; Cascade Festival of Music, in Portland and Ben, Oregon; Victory Symphony , BC Canada; San Diego Symphony Hall; Long Beach Opera of California; Aspen Music Festival and School, Colorado. He recorded this masterpiece in Ben City, Oregon in 2005.

With his musical direction and arrangers plus the artistic direction of Mónica Orozco, the choreographer and lead dancer, he made his debut in December 2005, with the show, “ARGENTANGO”.  It was performed at The Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood, California.He’s also developed an attractive and fine program for Bandoneón and String Orchestra called “Tango Chamber”.  It is performed in several cities of The United States and in other countries such as Canada and Turkey.